I would like to propose a SMART drum set: a 5-piece acrylic LED drum set with 2 strips of adhesive RGB LEDs under each rim of every drum. Current SMART drum sets are very expensive and come as installable light rings that are attached on the outside of the drum instead of the inside. I have successfully prototyped 1 Floor Tom of the complete set. The LEDs are connected an AC to DC power converter via a six pin MIDI connector and Arduino. The drum set is characterized with a single RGB microcontroller, 5 sets of 150 LEDs, a piezoelectric sensor, a six-pin MIDI connector, a 120V to 12V power converter, and an amplifying circuit. As a drummer hits each drum the piezoelectric sensor will trigger the LED light to spike in brightness depending on the strength of the hit and fade out over a period of time. The sensitivity of light will be controlled by a potentiometer. These optical illusions will enhance the overall drum set and provide onlookers with a visual performance. This system is a single prototype that can be expanded to a full drum set and is versatile in that it can work for any size drum or a larger drum set. Future work entails the design and manufacture of a control panel for the system to allow drummers to quickly change between settings during a performance. Lastly, a tutorial feature will be included for drum enthusiasts and new learners to promote visual, hands-on learning.