About me , I have a close friend who grew up with me from childhood to now. He is Van Binh. He is a student. Now, we aren’t studying the same school but we are living together in apartment in Ho Chi Minh citybitcoin buy sell. He is not only tall and big but also very strong. He looks very handsome . His hobbies is playing sports and playing the guitar especially football. Although his life is always busy but he can still arrange his time to play footballbitcoin buy sell with his friend every evening . He also play the guitar very well. When he was pupil, he played the guitar for a lot of group music in my homeHe is intelligent person. He has been studying of third year of University of Technical Education but he may graduate soon this year. He is preparing graduation thesis to report in September. He has ever had many achievements in studying and social work. He also knows how to speak many languages such as English, Japanese and French although he has to learn them by himself. Many companies have came to his school to invited him to work for them later. But he hasn’t still agreed to work for which company yet. He intend that he will go to Japan to work and go on his studying after he graduate tadmait, Algeria