Do you test multi-ratio current transformers with the OMICRON CT Analyzer?

The CT SB2 switch box is an accessory for the CT Analyzer which allows automatic testing of multi-ratio current transformers. The CT SB2 is connected to all taps of the current transformer and to the CT Analyzer. This allows the transformer ratios of all winding combinations to be automatically tested with the CT Analyzer.

The CT SB2 can either be positioned next to the CT Analyzer or attached to it directly. With a combined weight of 11 kg, this testing system is easily portable and ideally suited to mobile, on-site use.

Key features

  • Up to six connections for the secondary side of the current transformer
  • Automatic check to ensure correct wiring
  • Separate connections for primary resistance measurement and measurement of the secondary burden
  • Fully automated testing with no need for rewiring


Testing multi-ratio current transformers

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