Facilities Services
Light is an insubstantial medium that has an enormous influence on both our perceptions
of a space’s physical size, and our emotional response to it. O’Brien & Gere’s lighting
designs integrate all light sources and adapt them to the architectural space in order to
provide visual acuity and control for all areas.
Our lighting services include design of new and expanded facilities, evaluation of existing
facilities, and design of facility upgrades for existing industrial, municipal, institutional,
and commercial buildings.We use innovative technology in a cost and energy efficient
manner to create the proper environment at the best possible price.
Our services range from concept development to fully ********ed lighting design;
and include:
 Lighting design concepts
 Existing lighting energy analysis
 Existing lighting maintenance analysis
 Interior lighting design
 Exterior lighting design
 Landscape lighting design
 Lighting control systems
 Computer-based design and load calculations
 Computer-rendered designs with 3D modeling and analysis
 Construction plans and specifications
 Construction administration
 Project closeout report to reinforce design integrity
While it is possible for us to enter the design process at varying levels of completion,
our involvement in the earliest possible phase of the design process enables us to
assist the client in fully exploring all concepts that unite architecture and light